The Virtual Assistant Studio™ is the ultimate hub for people who want to build a business online, set their own hours, set their own rates, and work without a boss.

It was launched by Ashley Brown and Sandra Booker, who saw that women everywhere needed help formulating their visions and applying their talents online. Through the Studio we’ve been able to help people not only learn how to build businesses from the ground up, but we’ve also put them in direct contact with potential clients. We even took it a step further, and made sure they were equipped with the marketing tools to take things to the next level.


We believe that women supporting women can change the world, and so the Virtual Assistant Studio includes a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can help each other with advice, special trainings, and insider tips straight from six-figure earners. We’re creating an environment where not only is it okay to ask questions, but there’s an eager group of really experienced people who are excited to answer those questions… because we’ve all been there!

Changing lives is what we’re all about, and we plan on making that change permanent. By putting together courses, eBooks, podcasts, and webinars with the absolute rockstars of the virtual assistant industry, we know we can make your life more exciting and happy. It’s time to make your dreams a reality, and with our rock-solid advice and daily guidance, your success is coming!

So here it is: work from home, be your own boss, get paid really well, and only do work that you love doing. Sound good?

Join us, and let’s transform your life!