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A Fun Look at How Secretarial Work was Done in the Past

In today’s fast-paced, highly technological, and rapidly changing business world, necessary tasks are being outsourced like never before. Businesses are becoming more creative, adaptive, and functional at getting things done in the most efficient way possible. This results in many tasks being done by people outside of the office, which is a total shift from the old style of business done in the past. However, sometimes it is fun to look back at some of the traditional roles people played in the workplace, and try to compare them to how things are done today. Here is a fun look at how secretarial work was traditionally done in the past.

Oftentimes, in movies, TV shows, and other media outlets set in the past, secretaries are portrayed as a pretty face that just does what they are told. In reality, secretaries were highly-skilled in many assets, and were crucial to the success of a company. Any business relies on organization if they want to remain profitable, and the secretary was the crucial piece in making sure this was the case. Here are some of the important functions of secretaries in the past.


1) Organization of files

Secretaries were typically in charge of keeping files in order for their employer. If a document needed to be stored or found, it was up to the secretary to make sure it was completed properly. This is an extremely important job because if not done correctly, crucial documents and records could be lost, and this can be very damaging to the company.


2) Office management

It was common for secretaries to be in charge of keeping the office running smoothly by completing various necessary tasks. These tasks ranged from ordering office supplies to keeping track of appointments and other functions. If something needed to be done, than it was something the secretary could probably help with.


3) Correspondence

Secretaries were in charge of the communication between their business and clients, other businesses, and any other necessary parties. It was crucial for the secretary to take phone calls, or send and receive letters for their business to be properly connected to others. This role was so important because if not done correctly, a business can lose out on great opportunities because of a lack of communication.


4) Reception

Another common function of the secretary was to be the first face someone saw when they walked in the building. A secretary was commonly in charge of greeting visitors, and directing them to the proper location. A business only gets one chance at a first impression, so it was crucial for the secretary to have fantastic people skills, and make others feel welcome when they entered the room.

While old fashioned secretaries are often portrayed as a simple pretty face, they were actually the lifeblood of their organizations. Today, through the increase of technology, many secretaries have increased their range, and are in charge of even more important functions. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse of what secretaries were truly in charge of in the past, and the truth behind this important position.  

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