is the VA market oversaturated

Is the Virtual Assistant Market Over Saturated?

The field of VA’s (Virtual Assistants) is rapidly expanding, and evolving like wildfire. Through expansive technological advances, VA’s are becoming more effective in helping improve business success in new ways everyday. However, this success has drawn many new people that are interested in cashing in on this lucrative field, and this has led some to believe that the VA field is oversaturated, and everything has been done before. While it may at times seem that there are several replies for every VA job listing online, this field is far from being oversaturated, and here are some of the reasons why.

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Many VA’s are not effective- If you go on a potential client’s listing on a VA Facebook group, there is a good chance that they have received many replies from interested VA’s. While this may seem daunting, it is important to remember that many of these replies are from unrealistic candidates. Many people applying for VA spots are unqualified, have no experience, and have not done the groundwork needed to make them a desirable asset to a business owner’s team. This is where it is important for you to do things correctly, and set yourself apart from the pack. (If you need some help in how to do this, make sure to contact me right away) Always remember that anyone can apply for a position, but this does not mean they are actually in consideration for the spot. This makes the field seem more saturated than it really is.

There are countless niches to claim- Another reason why the field of VA’s is not actually saturated is because there are so many ways to tap into this market. Virtual Assistant is a very broad term, and there are nearly limitless possibilities that you can use to carve your niche that will help you land clients. Additionally, the field is always evolving, so you can stay ahead of the curve and offer new ways to serve clients in the future. All you need is patience and creativity.
The VA field may seem oversaturated to some, but it really isn’t as long as you approach your entrepreneurship the correct way. If you work hard, think creatively, and provide great customer service, the opportunities as a VA are never ending. Make sure to check out our VA Facebook Group HERE, for more information on how to be successful as a Virtual Assistant.

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