Meet Ashley Brown

I couldn’t afford to work & I couldn’t afford not to work.


We rise by lifting others!

For those of you who do not know me, “We rise by lifting others” is my life moto! Life changed when I was 22 and in a drastic way – I went from “party life” to “real life” and quick.

It was a year of just so many beautiful firsts. A wedding, purchasing of our first home, we welcomed a beautiful little girl into our lives, and I was enrolled to start college that upcoming fall.  

Fast-forward life and I have graduated college, welcomed our 2nd child a beautiful boy and the desire to want to stay home this round instead of being so busy – finally I can relax and enjoy the early years of babyhood without worrying about homework and lectures.

Little did I know that after just a year in,  life’s pressures were really going to start to sink in. My husband is working around the clock trying to keep a roof over our head, our son has medical issues that are expensive and I am expecting our third bundle of joy in a few months.  I had to to start taking on administration jobs at night to help with the costs of our ever mounting expenses but it really just wasn’t making a big enough difference. I couldn’t afford to work – day care costs + gas meant breakeven. We couldn’t get ahead and life was suffering. Our marriage was rocky, the stress so high, a neighbour was buying our groceries, we had filed for bankruptcy …

I felt like a failure.


How could someone with my background, education, expertise not have a high enough paying job to afford to work? And you know what … this is the case for MILLIONS OF WOMEN & MOTHERS.



How I went from earning nothing to +15,000.00 a month


I was looking for an answer, I knew other people were successfully making money at home – and I knew that is what I had to do to.

I tried a few MLM companies – didn’t love that.  

Jumped on some other “bandwagons” which were all failed attempts too.  

Finally, out of desperation I agreed to help a friend with his business. This didn’t last long either – but – what did happen is that I was introduced to his website designer and IN THAT MOMENT MY LIFE CHANGED.  

He hired me as an assistant, handing over tasks that he didn’t have time to take care of – and in the case of honesty, ones he just didn’t want to be bothered with.  I quickly discovered that what I was doing .. this work .. this was a major opportunity to turn things around.

Remember back at the top of this story, I said I graduated, and I did – from Business! So I was ahead of the game and I knew what I needed to do to turn this into something huge!

After months and months of research, keyword topic discussions, planning, planning and more planning it happened …

I am working as a

Virtual Assistant

Actually, I narrowed my virtual assistant focus into a niche – I am working as a Online Business Manager & Designer for entrepreneurs who struggle getting everything completed behind the scenes. I help them save time and make money by providing unique and cutting edge business support virtually so that they can focus their time growing the business of their dreams. I provide unique ramp up packages that span over 6 month period to achieve this OR they can hire me as part of my “One-night-stand” project based package.


And you know what? My life has changed!


I am now working from home full time, all 3 of my children are in school and we have hired help for around the house including a cleaner, and soon to be a personal cook! (and those things may not be for you, and that is okay – you don’t need them to make this happen). My husband and I bought our “forever house” and the biggest change would have to be my mindset. 

I am NOT a failure…

I am so much more confident in myself…

We have some HUGE plans for this year,  I PLAN ON RETIRING MY HUSBAND and integrating him into my online business by the end of 2016! This way we can BOTH be home and be surrounded by our children, our family and be here for everything we want to be apart of. 


I am doing work I love! Work that gives me the freedom & flexibility to have fun with the people who matter most in my life ~ my family.


Which brings me to today –  Now I am shifting gears and helping to lift others joining the Virtual Assistant community! I am a host of the podcast The VA Hustle as well as one of the  Founders & Creative Director for Virtual Assistant Studio.  The VA studio is for women who are really wanting to build a successful VA business.

It’s all about inspiring and empowering women to turn your ideas into reality by doing the work you love that gives you the freedom & flexibility to have fun with the people who matter most to them.